Navjeet Grewal


Executive & leadership Coaching:

Work with a Psychological Coach to achieve your developmental goals and be a high performer.

My clients have busy schedules, needs to adapt, manage challenging environments, and complex relationships. As I specialise in coaching to manage complex relationships, coaching my clients is about challenging their thinking, to manage dilemmas created from paradoxes and uncertainties. To encourage them to notice the subtleties of the complex situations and relationships, to manage the overwhelmingness and be resilient. Using psychological and vertical leadership development frameworks, I assist my clients to be courageous, to try various frameworks and make changes.

Moreover, I assist them in their learning, to develop their thinking, shift their mindsets to create leadership presence and successfully achieve their goals.

Coaching to successfully adapt and thrive

Being in a new place or feeling different can affect your confidence and your work. I provide adaptive coaching to help executives and leaders especially belonging to minority groups, executives who feel underrepresented, otherness or different. The paradox of trying to be authentic and trying to fit in an environment which makes you feel even more different, more you try to fit in. I help my clients overcome the overwhelmingness and suffering created by the paradox, to rebuild the self-confidence in their uniqueness to successfully adapt and thrive in their own authentic way. 

Inclusive leadership Training:

Inclusive leadership Training: Future belongs to those organisations which work towards creating an Inclusive Culture for their employees, customers and various stakeholders. Give an opportunity to your leadership tream to learn, develop, train mindset for your leadership team with transformative results with a Leadership (psychological coach) and experienced trainer.