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Inclusive leadership training

Inclusive leadership training: We provide Inclusive Leadership training workshops to assists leaders in understanding their implicit assumptions, preferences, blind spots and the effect it has on their diverse teams. The aim of the workshops is to raise awareness, increase motivation and ability using various techniques to equip the leadership team to foster an inclusive culture. 

Studies show that when leaders succeed in cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace, the organisation will be rewarded with better decisions, creative collaboration, motivated and engaged employees, and improved individual, team, and organisational performance. 

There are essential traits of an inclusive leader:

Objective of the workshop:

Our Inclusive Leadership program has three main objectives:

  1. To initiate the behavioural and cultural change by elevating the awareness and knowledge of the essential Inclusive leadership traits among the leadership team.
  2. To strengthen and equip leadership with capabilities for fostering inclusive workplace.
  3. Interactive workshops to help identify techniques, tasks, goals and establish accountability.  

Learning Outcome of the workshop: 

Attending the workshops your leadership teams will become aware of the need to respect and willingness to embrace individual differences and diverse perspectives. The leadership team

  • Will develop a capacity to link diversity and inclusion efforts to business strategy.
  • Will develop awareness of the characteristic traits of inclusive leaders.
  • Will learn about different types of cognitive bias, awareness of the nature, origin, and consequences of cognitive blind spots. Techniques to manage bias in oneself and others.
  • Will learn about the strategies for fostering interpersonal safety including upstander skills.
  • Will learn about diversity of thought and fostering a collaborative culture
  • Will be able make action and accountability plans linked to business strategy, personal strengths and developmental areas.

Duration of the workshop: Two three hours workshop over two months followed by two -hour action learning session to address the challenges faced. 1-2-1 coaching can be made available if needed.

Approach: We believe that for transformational change, participants engage holistically with program content. For holistic learning and development, we incorporate experiential learning techniques, including opportunities to reflect on, systemic coaching, use of metaphors and apply learnings to the real-life challenges facing participants.

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