About Me

Who am I as a coach?

I have more than 20 years of experience working with the organisations and many qualifications but what I treasure the most as a coach is my desire is to build a coaching relationship with you as your thinking partner who
empathises with you, act as a catalyst to trigger the creation of those life transforming insights, support you when you are experiencing overwhelmingness and challenge you when you are using the limiting beliefs to defend your inaction or to create doubts in your abilities.

I have been fortunate to train and work with the industry leaders in Psychological coaching and Leadership development in UK. I combine my experience, ongoing training, and the collective experience of my clients to guide my unique approach to coaching. My aim is to help you focus on what works for your organisational role and as a human being in your given environment and how you can achieve your desired outcome.

My philosophy:

Everyone can achieve their goals as everyone has unique ability and strengths. However, it is complicated when it comes to applying these unique abilities because of lack of clarity, complexity of the situation, overwhelmingness created by expectations from self as well the organisation. Moreover, it is not always easy to create that balance and build productive working relationships to make things work. We all need a thinking partner who helps us make sense of these complex situations while helping us uncover and challenge our doubts and self-limiting beliefs arising from our fear of failure. Not having that time and safe space to organise your thoughts can make situations look overwhelming or goals far beyond your reach.

I believe in seeing with clarity which happens the best when you organise
your thoughts in your space and time, face your fears with someone you
trust, become aware of your strengths and blind spots. I trust and believe
you as a thinker and my capability in facilitating your capacity to create
best possible solutions for yourself and for the organisation.

My Cause:

I work to help executives and leaders belonging to minority groups, executives who feel underrepresented, otherness or different to thrive being different and to successfully adapt, grow and succeed in their own authentic way.

Being a woman, an Asian woman and having lived and worked in India, Japan and now in UK, I have experienced multiple cultural changes. I have experienced new environments and new cultures. As a member of the

minority group, I have experienced otherness and prejudices from some, but it was my own experience of feeling different that affected me and the choices I made the most. I can understand and relate to some of my client’s challenges. Working environments are already very challenging and it makes it even more challenging for the people who are underrepresented in an environment.

My main purpose is to help my clients transcend the difference, uncover their uniqueness and strengths. To help them learn and develop vertically as well as holistically to help them achieve their goals, deal with the challenges, with commitment and authenticity.

As your thinking partner

As your thinking partner, I pick up main themes emerging in your thought process. During the sessions as well as after the sessions are finished, I provide extra support material based on those themes to assist you in your ongoing development. Moreover, I provide ongoing support to you as well as your teams all included in coaching to help you achieve exceptional results. Let’s talk and I will explain you in detail.

More about me

In my spare time I have been helping young offenders find their footing again by volunteering with the Youth Offending Team of the Slough Children’s Services Trust since 2009. I continue to provide free assistance and coaching for the benefit of young people in the UK. I am also a volunteer Coach at Shaw Trust helping people overcome their limiting beliefs and reaching their goals to lead a happy and stress free life. 

My qualifications
B.Sc, CAM, MBA, MA in Psychological Coaching.

Diploma in Group Facilitation (Gestalt) 

Authorised Harthill LDF Practitioner (vertical leadership Development. Framework.) 

APECS accredited Executive Coach.